Monday, June 25, 2012

Feels Like Brake pedal Pulsating

Brake pedal Pulsates when brakes are applied to slow down or stop.
Also the Front right Wheel is hot to touch.
Calipers and rotors with brake pads are replaced.

OK,in most of such cases the issue is with faulty/worn out brake caliper or brake rotors and brake pads.
But if this common parts are already replaced,then issue can be with this parts not seated or fitted properly or not aligned properly or not greased properly while installing.Also if this are low quality aftermarket parts then this can be one more reason why new parts are faulty,even they are replaced.

Does it pull to that side when braking?
If no pull and only pulsating then see which wheel is getting hot.

On that wheel which is getting hot, you need to check the caliper hardware for being lubricated and the pins and slides working freely, check the caliper piston for being slightly cocked when it was re-seated, as well as caliper piston are sticking in anyway. 

When getting the pistons installed did you retract both pistons in it evenly? If not, then this will cause the pulsation. Also check that the rubber seals around the pistons are not interfering with piston movement. 

If the above are ok, you need to use a dial indicator to check the hub for runout as well as check the new rotor for run-out. This gives same affect as a warped rotor.

HUB getting faulty is rare in such cases,but if all basic and regular possibilities checked ok,then that the only possible issue ,that will cause this problem.

This is one reason most shops use an on the car brake lathe. So that they can compensate for the hub runout when machining the rotors.That is required to inspect while replacing rotors.

BUT in-case if you dont have a dial indicator and its not possible to get one on rent from local auto part shop or from near by garage.
Then there is one more way  do the following: --
Pull the wheel, install the lug nuts to tighten the rotor to the hub face and spin the rotor. If you hear or feel it catching at times on the pads, then the hub does have excess run-out. Two choices at that point - replace the hub bearing assembly or have a shop machine the new rotor on the truck to compensate for the hub runout/ worn out.

If ok, then it is a faulty caliper and you need to replace it.
Please use branded and original parts.They cost more but you get accurate performance and they last long and also comes with warranty.

This details will help.

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