Thursday, June 21, 2012

2003 Chrysler 300M: Fuse 17 Blows?

Fuse 17 controls ABS controller and Transmission Range sensor.Also check the Climate control module and wires going to the climate control circuit board.Its a 10AMP fuse.

Well this fuse supplies power to several components. In this case it can be an intermittent wiring issue. If you are sure it is not a climate control and the wire that goes to the climate control, then you still have 2 wires out of the junction block that go to the ABS controller and Transmission Range sensor.
Remove the terminals ( one at time) from the C 9 connector at the Junction block to see which one causing a short.

To do this process manually you will need to find the C9 connector and disconnect it from the junction block.
Then remove ( pull out) #5 terminal White/Violet wire from the connector. This wire supplies power to the ABS module so your ABS won't work with the wire pulled out of the connector. Connect the connector back and operate you car and see if the fuse still blows.
If it does, then this wire has nothing to do with the short so insert it back and then remove #4 terminal with is White wire from the same connector and then plug the conenctor back and operate the car. This White wire supplies power to the transmission range switch and when you put in Reverse, the power is switched to the Back up lamps.
If fuse does not blow with the white wire removed from the connector, then you have a problem with either this wire to the switch or with wire that goes from the switch to the backup lamps.
Below is the connector pin out that will help you to identify things.
c9 connector pin diagram

This details will help.

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