Thursday, June 21, 2012

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Faulty Swirl Motor?

08 model jeep grand Cherokee.Engine model 3.0 CRD.

Basically in such cases you notice oil leak on swirl motor.

This is known issue.Noticed by others too.
These 3.0CRD Mercedes diesels are known for an oil leak issue that actually is caused by a faulty air intake hose grommet where it connects to the turbo.The hose costs for about  $400.
If this problem is not fixed promptly, the Swirl Motor becomes permanently damaged.
To replace Swirl motor :----
The turbo assembly has to be removed in order to replace the Swirl Motor.
Unfortunately on Grand Cherokee and Commander  the Transmission assembly also needs to be removed  in order to get to the turbo mounting and other bolts.
While getting this done,i recommend  to order new gaskets for every turbo pipes.

The swirl motor is a costly part to be replaced.
It will cost approx $3000 for part, plus labor charge to replace by technician.

There is no way to check if the damage has already been done to the Swirl Motor or not if there are no trouble codes or obvious symptoms.
When this part fails, the Engine Control Module detects a problem and sets trouble a code, turns check engine light ON and puts vehicle into limp mode. Do you notice any of such symptoms then get the swirl motor replaced.If you receive check engine light ON.Then scan for codes to confirm what part is faulty as per OBD codes.

But mostly  Swirl motor  fail at anytime once the air intake hose starts leaking for some time dripping oil to the swirl motor.
I am not sure Chrysler Australia is going to do something about this issue.
We still change air intake hose under warranty but these WK and XK Jeeps are now going out of the warranty so I doubt they will put a recall if it is not a safety issue.

This details will help.

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