Friday, June 15, 2012

2004 Chrysler Sebring: Engine Runs Fine But Oil Light Stays ON?

Oil warning light comes up on dash.

In this case first confirm if oil is low or oil is not changed from long time.If oil is very old replace it with new/.f its low, then add new fresh oil.Drain old oil.

If oil filter is very old and clogged,replace it with new,

But if you have already tested this basics and replace oil and oil filter.

Then notice what problem is noticed while driving.

If there is no noise and engine runs fine.
Then more troubleshooting is required.
Read as follows :----------

As long as you are not hearing any unusual engine noises like knocking or tapping when the Oil Light is on, then most commonly this is a problem with the Oil Pressure Sensor. This problem is noticed many a times,Over time, the internal resistance of the sensor tends to wear out, and it has a hard time reading the correct oil pressure at an idle. Inspect the electrical connector and make sure there are no loose or oil soaked wires. If the visual inspection checks ok, replace the sensor.

There is also a Technical Service Bulletin on this issue that states to better protect against the sensor failing in the future, a wire terminal/vent,As per your car model year the Part number  :-----
 05017800AA, in place of the removed sealing dart, should also be installed.

See below the diagram showing Sensor Location Part:-----
Chrysler oil Pressure sensor

This details will help.

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