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2003 Nissan Pathfinder Cabin Air Filter Replacing

Nissan Pathfinder Cabin Air Filter Removal Procedure

Earlier models before year 1999 , there was no cabin air filter.

The air filters are located behind the glovebox

Step 1: First open glove box, remove the stringer on side, simple step

nissan glove box

Step 2: Flip down the 2 lower plastic pins, then yank them toward center. Pull harder and both pins should be out completely.

golvebox pathfinder

glovebox disassembly

Step 3: Now after that remove 2 screws and get that plastic wood panel out of the way.

pathfinder nissan glovebox

Step 4: There are in total 7 screws,remove all 7 screws.

remove screws

Step 5: There are 2 side screws,other then remove 2 more side screws

nissan vehicle glovebox

Step 6: While for the if 1st time disassembly,where everything is intact removing this panel, need to use some force to remove it out...be careful and pull it out.

replacing nissan glovebox

Step 7....Location of glovebox panel should be down.

car glovebox diagram

Step 8:  Now here don't get panic.Be slow and first remove glove box light fixture, snap and pull, may be check the bulb as well.If its blown,then replace the bulb.Many a time here in these step the bulb gets cracked in pieces while removing glow plug panel out. So be slow.

light fixture glove box

Step 9: Now once these is done,you will see the FAN AMP and the In Cabin Filter.Part number 2 and 3 marked.

cabin filter removal

Now unplug fan amp wire plug connector,

Then remove 2 screws. The AMP should be about to slide out without any trouble.
After that remove filter clip at the bottom. Slide the lower panel 1st, then the upper panel.

See the Cabin Air filter removal diagram shown:-----

nissan cabin filter

These details will help.

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