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Hazard Lights Flashing

Hazard Light wont stop flashing and this clicking goes on non-stop

These types of problems are noticed on many car models.

We are from Auto garage repair field.

I will share few of our garage repair experiences with you on these types of cases on various car models:----

Go through all the experiences,that will let you know and understand these issue,so you can solve the problem with your vehicle too.

Garage repair experience number 1:----

Hazard light non stop flashing noticed on Mazda 3 of year 2007 model.

These flashing goes on even while driving.

On these types of problem,first confirm Do you have any aftermarket items installed on your car.. specifically alarms, remote starters, etc?
Because many a times while installing these aftermarket systems the actual wiring in the car gets mis-connected or any main wire gets ignored and not connected causing these problem.So first inspect wiring,if you have installed any aftermarket system on your car recently.

Other thing to check is hazard light control button.Are you able to press the hazard button on and off or does it feel like it is binding? If yes then it can be the issue.That button is sticking inside and causing the light to go ON/OFF.Cleaning the button should help,or else it needs to be replaced.

But if the button is working fine and even after pressing the hazard button to OFF mode the lights are not turning off then its issue with hazard switch.

In such cases  disconnect the hazard switch and see if they go off.
On Mazda 3 newer models to access the switch you need to take the trim off that is below the switch.
You can use a small object to pry it away from the dash starting near the radio and work towards the passenger window. The last clip at the point slides out.
So once you get close to that clip the entire trim will slide towards the driver side of the car. Once that trim is off there are 2 screws that hold the vents in places. Remove the screws and the switch and vents up to get to the connector.
If after disconnecting the hazard switch the lights go off,this clears that problem is with the switch.Test the switch and its wiring and replace if switch tested faulty.But if the lights wont go off even after disconnecting the switch connector then its not a switch problem,but the problem is related to wires getting short somewhere.You need to run the external wires from hazard switch o the bulbs are see if the lights are getting off.
On these particular case the problem was faulty hazard switch.Replacing the hazard switch solved the problem.

Garage repair experience number 2:---

Clicking sound heard from turn signals

The problem got noticed on 1999 Chrysler Sebring car model.

All the lights will work and function right,but when turn signal lights are turned on,it makes non stop clicking noise.Also when lights are turned off this clicking noise continues.

On such cases it can be issue with the turn signal flasher unit r it can be the problem with Turn signal multi-functional switch or its a wiring issue or the turn signal switch connector is getting loose or getting in contact with any other near by switch wiring.

The problem needs to be inspected.

On most of such cases this is common to a bad/shorted multi-function switch, or a bad connection to the multi-function switch (there are different circuits in the multi-function switch) .
One of them is slightly grounding out causing the fast clicking sound, it gets a weak ground signal causing the switch to ark, internally in the switch,even the switch is turned to off position.

To start your testing procedure  I  recommend to remove the connector going to the multi-function switch, (left side of the steering column) and inspect the connector if connector is not burnt, and no wires are bear and touching each other, If connector is burned or wires are touching each other, then repair them by connecting/running external wires, but if wires and connector are good ,then replace the multi-function switch. Thats the most probable cause of such problems.

On these particular case all switch and wires were checked OK.But the problem was loose turn signal switch connector.There was dirt got collected inside of switch.Disconnecting the switch,then cleaning the connector and reconnecting it solved the problem.

Actually what happens is that,there is high resistance in the switch or the connector (it is getting a low amount of ground, causing high resistance, then in turn the diode in the multi-function switch allows slight voltage to pass through causing the clicking chattering noise.
Just try these,remove the wire connector first inspect it, then reconnect it,in some cases it may also be just bad connection causing high resistance.

Garage repair experience number 3:-----

Hazard lights wont stop flashing the problem noticed on BMW 320 vehicle of year 1983 model.

On these particular case the lights were flashing even with the hazard switch connector disconnected.Very minute visual inspection to wiring showed that hazard switch wires wer getting it contact with metal contact and headlight switch wiring,so these was powering the hazard lights to turn on even through the hazard switch was disconnected.Replacing the complete wiring for hazard switch solved the problems.

Garage experience number 4:----

Ford Hazard flasher will not stop

The problem noticed on ford escort 1995 year model.
The turn signals also not working properly.

On these year model ford the hazard switch and turn switch gets controlled by one common switch called multifunction switch.
The hazard switch and turn signal switch are all part of the Multifunction switch.So as the problem said, if the hazard switch is stuck on,then  the turns signals will also not work.

Replacing the multifunction switch will solve the problem.

To replace multifunctional switch you need to remove the steering wheel and the column covers
after that you can unplug and remove the switch very easily.
The steering wheel will require a puller tool you may be able to borrow one from a parts store if you dont have one,thats the only possible and actual way to remove steering wheel.

Replacing the multifunctional switch on these particular case solved the problem.

These details will help.

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