Saturday, October 13, 2012

No sound from speakers on 04 gmc yukon

Radio speaker problem on GMC Yukon

Radio turns ON,but the sound is not coming out of speakers.

First check inspect the fuses in fuse box.If any fuse is blown out then replace it.Check radio Amp fuse.

If fuses are not blown,continue further...........

The chimes are all powered through the speakers  So if no sound is heard from speakers.Then its issue with Radio Amp.
So at the amp, check the power at the inputs to the amp. If there is AC volts then the amp is bad. They are actually very common for failure for this.
The amp is located under the center console storage bin.

The audio signal is an AC voltage so there should be AC volts on a 12 volt dc system.

If no sound from speaker,then either its faulty radio or its faulty Ampere. On some cases its loose or shorted wires.So dont forget to view and inspect the radio input and radio to speaker wires.

Otherwise it is DC volts that power the amp.

The wires in are twisted together, but try the dark green and tan, that is the one for the front left. If there is no AC voltage with the radio on, then the radio is bad, if there is voltage, then the amp is faulty.

Please note even though the radio is on, If it is not putting out voltage, then it is bad. However this is more commonly the amp itself.And radio fault is very rare.

These details will help.

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